Why 96% Businesses Fail to Change and how to be that 4% that Succeed

Why Quality Assurance is the key to a Successful Business Transformation

Hello, dear readers! 👋 Today, let’s talk about something that often makes or breaks a business: Quality Assurance in Process Transformation. If you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, or even an employee, this is a topic you can’t afford to ignore.


The Importance of Consistency

Here’s a question I often ask my clients: If you’re in a relationship and your partner says, “I’m mostly loyal, most of the time,” would you be okay with that? Chances are, you wouldn’t be. The same logic applies to how you manage your processes at work. Processes need to be followed consistently, every time, all the time. If you’re casual about sticking to your plan, don’t expect it to stay around for long.


The Top-Down Ripple Effect

If an attitude of “near enough is good enough” starts at the top, it trickles down. Before you know it, your entire team might just give up on the new process and go back to their old ways. The result? Transformation fails, and everyone says it was impossible to begin with.


Don’t Undervalue Small Mistakes

Imagine you serve ten customers a day. If you fail with just one, you might think, “Ah, it’s just one person.” But for that one customer, you’ve failed 100% of the time. It’s essential to understand that successful people are meticulous about how they do things. Lowering your standards isn’t an option if you aim for success.


Additional Tips:

  • Monitoring is Key: Ensure everyone is on the same page by keeping a close eye on your team.
  • Celebrate Small Wins: Positive reinforcement works wonders, so celebrate even minor milestones.
  • Adapt: Don’t be afraid to change your processes if you find something isn’t working as expected.

In a Nutshell
Before giving up on any transformation, you must champion quality assurance from the top down. Ensure everyone follows the process consistently and maintains the highest standards. These simple yet effective habits can be game changers for any business aiming to grow and succeed.


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Why 96% Businesses Fail to Change and how to be that 4% that Succeed
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Why 96% Businesses Fail to Change and how to be that 4% that Succeed
Ever had a plan fall apart? Ever wondered why some companies seem to grow like crazy while others get stuck? We’re breaking down why that happens.
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