Only content strategy funnel you will ever need in 2020 by kecg

Despite controversy around privacy, hacking, fake news and all other negative aspects of online life, the world continues to embrace the social media.

Digital growth globally showing no sign of slowing down with a million new people around the world coming online everyday.

Over 45% of the worlds’ population is now social media users, that’s over 3.5 billion people using Social Media worldwide.

Jassie Singh from KECG talks about how you don’t need multiple funnels to make simple things complex. Consistency is the key, at KECG our biggest goal is to make business intelligence simple and make it accessible for everyone.

Only Content Strategy Funnel You’ll Ever Need in 2019 by KECG

AWARENESS: The purpose of this content is to just create awareness of your brand and the products you sell. Do not try this to make this a sales pitch. Encourage your content consumers to reach out to you if they want to learn more, comment their opinions or have more questions about your brand and the product.

Here are some of the ideas for Awareness Content

  • Here is what we have

  • Here is what it can do

  • Here is how it works

  • Here is why it works


CONSIDERATION: Why should consumers chose your business over the competition, whilst there may be several other businesses who sell the exact same product, why consumers should do business with you and buy from you. This is where you want to highlight the unique benefits to do business with you. Do you offer anything unique to your customers that’s over and above your competition.

 Here are some of the ideas for Consideration Content

  • Here is why we are different

  • Here is why you should buy this from us

  • Here is what’s unique about doing business with us – Share testimonials

  • Here is what our customers are saying about us


CONVERSION: This content is all about deals, special offers, buy now etc. to encourage potential buyers to complete the transaction now, this week or this month. Use call to action in this content.

Here are some of the ideas for Conversion Content

  • Here is what you should do

  • Here is what you should do right now

  • Here is a deal for a limited time only

  • Here is how you can take advantage right now


LOYALTY: This is where you can create offers for your existing customers can take advantage with referral rewards, special deals, after-sales service savings, loyalty rewards, upgrade offers etc.

Here are some of the ideas for Loyalty Content

  • Here is why our customers come back to us again

  • Here are the benefits to continue to do business with us

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