It’s ok to be scared

Jassie Singh, CEO of KECG shares some impromptu insights into his thoughts.

It’s ok to be Scared.

We have all been scared of something at some point of our lives. 

And that’s ok.

But what’s not ok is to not show your Courage

I know you are all full of courage. That’s what’s gotten you as far as you have come in this life

I have no doubt that you have plenty of courage, you just need to keep going.

You are gonna have doubts, you are gonna to be scared

you are gonna be uncertain, you are gonna be unsure.

and that’s ok.

But what’s not ok is for you to give up

not ok for you to not even try

You can only move forward when  your courage is greater than your fear.

Be Courageous, my friend, be Courageous.

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